how to focus your life and build self esteem

How to focus your life and build self esteem

how to focus your life and build self esteem

We travel through life and it passes us so quickly, we often give little thought to the things we are doing, or the contact we have with other people. We are the author of our own life story and an old song used to point out that we are writing a chapter of our life every day. We keep our life into focus and build self-esteem when we discover who we are and our purpose in life. A fun way of experiencing a self-discovery trip is to ask ourselves what we wrote in our book today, this week, or this month?


A well-written story has a beginning, a middle that usually contains a couple of defining moments, resolutions, and a conclusion. Is your life experiencing resolutions and conclusions or is it always about new beginnings and defining moments? When we seek resolution to our problems, we can find completion and this is where our life growth comes from. When we move on without resolution, it’s a little like tipping soil onto the weeds rather than removing them. They eventually grow back and often with stronger roots than when they had superficial and weak roots.


Take the time today to ask yourself what pages you are writing in your book today. Are you writing pages that have defining moments and resolutions and seek ways to resolve the issues? Are you finding yourself unable to cope with something happening in your life so you keep burying it in the hope it will go away?


Resolve to take steps today to remove it from your life, because you know that if you face it every day it is not going to go away without you actively removing it. Are you in a situation where you know you should change jobs but you keep going back to the same job because you haven’t had the courage to follow your dreams? Maybe today is the day to write an adventure story and clear your mind of the excuses and create the story you want. The one with the happy ending to your story that you choose and not the one someone else is choosing for you.

how to focus your life and build self esteem

Sit with your journal and a coffee today and ask yourself what happy endings do I want? Ask yourself “what stories in my life need a resolution.” Work on actively resolving them and set about writing your own bestseller. With a little reflection and some active actions, you can become the hero of your own life story.

Did you know your thoughts could be powerful propellants to understanding who you are and creating a strong sense of self-confidence and self-esteem in you? We often think of our thought life in a negative way, as something that holds us back from experiencing our dreams, but our thoughts can be a picture of our soul and can show us new things about ourselves we didn’t know before.


As we focus on our thoughts as a means of self-discovery, we can create life goals and have allies to keep us focused when self-doubt inevitably creeps in. Sit down today with a journal and write down one thing you would like to achieve by the end of the year.


Perhaps, for example, you would love to open your own small business online, but your self-doubt tells you that this is not something that could be successful. Collect around your self pictures of successful people working from home doing small business. As you read about their successes list the common traits you share with them. Perhaps they are described as being “people-friendly” or “passionate about their products.” Maybe they are good organizers or great salespeople.


List all the descriptions of these people that you believe you can relate to. These will become your inspirations. Now build up a picture of yourself and of your future and don’t be afraid to ask others what they think are your character strengths as well. Affirm these characteristics daily by reading them regularly and reminding yourself that you are good at organization. You do have vision and drive that motivates you to see something to its conclusion. Work on this for a two-week period.

how to focus your life and build self esteem

Having created a goal for yourself, these characteristics become your supporting evidence to yourself that you can achieve that goal.  Seek some financial planning advice and discuss the viability of the business you want to start. Collect all the information you have assembled in one place and spend a day visualizing yourself as a small business owner using the information you have collected.


As you do this, you gain vital information about yourself, your strengths and abilities, practical information about the business you want to start, and the resources you need for it to be successful. Your thoughts can be indicators of your dreams as well as things that hold you back. So harness the power of your thoughts and do something with them.


A proverb aptly was written, “Knowledge knocks at the door of action. If it receives a reply it stays, if it doesn’t it departs.” When was the last time you answered the door to knowledge and put it into action in your life?


We are bombarded every day with knowledge. Most of it is beneficial or useful and we read it and appreciate its wisdom. Often, however, our busy lives drown out the useful information we learn and we forget it before we have time to put it into action in our life. We miss many useful like skills when we fail to action our knowledge and it’s worth taking a few minutes to think about the knowledge that is beneficial and can even improve our quality of life.

how to focus your life and build self esteem


In your journal, take time to think about ten concepts or ideas that have recently captivated your imagination and interest. It can be something fictional or non-fictional, something current or something from history. As your curiosity is excited when you think or write about these things, take time to explore them, and dig deeper into learning about them. Don’t waste the spark interest, but let it ignite a thirst for knowledge and personal growth.


The potential for gaining benefit in doing this extends much further than just in identifying what interests you. If you believe that what you are learning would benefit you or your family, and then try to put them into action immediately in some way in your life.


In your journal, consider exploring the things that interest you in a broader way. Identify any common concepts that might connect to each area that interests you. Are they health-related, or are they parenting-related? As you look for the common connection, you will discover where your natural interests lie, and these may guide you to explore courses or other options to turn your interests into something that may turn out to be financially useful.


Don’t forget to review what you are learning regularly so you don’t forget what you have read and what you have learned. Add to it regularly and keep records of what you do with that knowledge. Share the knowledge you gain with friends, even if you choose not to formally study it. Wisdom is described as applied knowledge. The knowledge that is not applied is wisdom lost and is wasted knowledge. Focus your life and create momentum as well as self-esteem as you consciously apply your knowledge towards having an impactful life daily.

Please share your thought on the subject and leave a comment below. Also, like and forward to someone, it might help and provoke positive action.


2 responses to “How to focus your life and build self esteem”

  1. Herbert Avatar

    inspiring article,  It is always enlightening reading about this topic as often  people get sidetracked and forget how important is to love themselves. Sometimes , the human rely onto others to make them happy while they actually hold the power within themselves. To those reading self discover yourself and let’s write an adventure today!

    1. Joseph Avatar

      Hi Herbert, thanks for your contribution. Self-discovery is very important to our living a purpose-filled life. It is good to remind us all the time on this very important topic. We maximize our effort when we focus our abilities and tap into our hidden potentials.

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