how to have a wealthy mindset

How to have a Wealthy Mindset

how to have a wealthy mindset

Wealth creation starts with a mindset. Wealth is beyond money because you can have money and still have a miserable life. Some people who commit suicide have money.


Man is mortal, this is a universal truth and everyone should learn to accept it. Every one of us should endeavor to live an optimal life with a perfect balance of health, abundance, peace, and success.


In order to live life optimally, you need to live for today and save for the future.

According to Psychology Today,  mindset plays a major role in creating wealth. Your thinking style can make it either more or less likely you’ll accumulate significant wealth.

A wealthy mindset is a purpose-driven life.


Every person’s life should have a purpose and it is essential to living for this purpose to have an optimal life.

Enjoy what you do in trying to achieve your life’s purpose. If you are not having pleasure in what you are doing and do not have the zeal to take it advancing, then you are believably wrong at describing your purpose in life.


If you are not living your life trying to accomplish its purpose, you will find things failing all-around you. This is so because you have a lot of electronegativities completed you and the action that abides by is bound to be negative. This may lead to many problems like relationships going sour, unfitness to cope up with the stress of life and at the workplace, etc.


For this reason, it becomes very vital to understand your purpose in life and follow it with great enthusiasm to accomplish it and above all, enjoy doing what you are doing. Access this purpose in life with a positive mentality and the actions that follow will by all odds more attainable. The joy should be in the journey and not the address.

how to have a wealthy mindset


What you think is what you get.


For instance, if your mind exhales positive thinking about something, then the results for that thought will also be positive and vice versa.


Have you ever noticed that if you were to be in a crabby mood, everything you do goes wrong that day? This is a simple example of the law of attraction. If you are being negative in your thinking, everything you do is correlated to that negative thinking and all the happenings also will turn out to be negative.

So, in order for the law of attraction to work on your side, you need to think positively and exhale positive energy in your thinking for things to work out for you.


The law of attraction can be made applicative to any part of your life, be it for health, wealth, or success. But, how does the law of attraction work for improving your wealth is one question that might arise in your mind?

You might have heard of the quote that “The rich always get richer while the poor continue poor all the time”. This is a universal truth and is very intimately related to the law of attraction.


The rich get richer because they have positive thinking when it comes to financial success. They believe in themselves and their abilities to convert their thoughts and ideas to attaining more wealth and prosperity. Because of this positive thinking, they are able to attract positive returns to their thoughts and the idea gets actioned to fruition and they are able to improve themselves.


On the other hand, the poor are always brooding about their lack of funds and their inability to handle the financial stress of everyday life. Due to their negative thinking, they are not able to process fresh ideas and they tend to hang on to whatever little funds they have causing an unfitness at any further growth.


So, believe it or not, the law of attraction is doing its job with you acknowledging about it or not. If you have the faith to believe and make positive changes to yourself then you can attain all the important expressions of life, health, wealth, and happiness. What more can you need!


how to have a wealthy mindset


Freedom should be your focus as a goal.


Financial freedom has been the talk of the day among many. All the frenzy surrounding this topic has been brought about by the mystic nature related to finances. Many claim that financial freedom is just but a myth started by the rich and wealthy. They claim that financial freedom cannot be achieved.


The truth of the matter is that financial freedom can be achieved. In fact, it all depends on how you choose to use your money, and if you choose to have freedom as a goal. It is not necessary for one to earn millions a month for them to attain financial freedom. All that matters is how you tend to manage what you earn.


Money cannot guarantee you of financial freedom but it plays a vital role in achieving it. Therefore, using only one stream of income is disadvantageous. In the current economical crisis, it is next to impossible for one to fully meet his or her financial needs with the usual 9 to 5 salary. In that case, it is wise for one to use this salary to save up for another income stream. There are several money-making opportunities that one may choose to earn some extra cash.


The most common are the several online money making outlets available on the internet. A good example is online affiliate marketing or network marketing. Use your money to set up another stream of income. In fact, set up multiple streams but do not overwork yourself while doing so. The multiple streams of income will result in generating passive income which leads to financial freedom.


Saving is also vital when it comes to financial freedom. We have all heard it repeatedly in various areas; from banks to business conferences. We should try our level best to save as much as possible for a better future. Do not use up all your money once you earn it. Set aside at least 10% of all your income from different sources for saving purposes.


In addition to these, use your money to invest. This is the only way through which money can grow. Look for various investing areas. There are several ways of investing that are available today. One can use the stock market, real estate, or simply open up various kinds of business. The bottom line is that you should try and help your money to grow; and investing is your only hope of doing this.


All in all, all these tips are useless if you do not minimize your expenses. It is the little things you do that will help you minimize your expenses such as cutting down your shopping list or minimizing your bills.

The major way of cutting down your expenses is to avoid impulse buying. Make a budget and stick to it. When going shopping, buy what is on your list.


We are a mind with a body, this means that our minds control our lives. The lunatic has lost his mind and that is why they are not counted during the census. We are different because we are in control of our minds but most of us are lacking in this privilege.

Wealth has so much to do with our mindset and whosoever has mastered this fact is on his way to a more fulfilled life.

I hope this is helpful to you. If yes, please share with others and leave a comment below.


2 responses to “How to have a Wealthy Mindset”

  1. GailForce Avatar

    A wealthy mindset and financial freedom do go hand in hand, as to have one will lead to the other, and financial freedom requires such a mindset. The law of attraction is applied correctly here. And you are correct when you say that one doesn’t need to be a millionaire to have financial freedom as long as the money is managed properly. I also agree that having more than one source of income is necessary to reach financial freedom. A simple 9 to 5 job will not lead you there.

    1. Joseph Avatar

      Thanks GailForce for your contribution. The right mindset is very key to achieving any great aspiration in life including wealth creation.

      Napoleon Hills in his book; Think and Grow Rich said that ”thoughts are things”. This means that we create our lives in our minds.

      Also, a verse in the Bible from the Book of Proverbs, chapter 23, verse 7: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. These and many more go to show how important our thinking affects us. 

      So it is very important to watch what we think.

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