paradigm shift for success: to improve your finanaces

Paradigm Shift for Success: To improve your finances

We do not usually reject change but rather we refuse to change. Paradigm shift is very important if we need to achieve greater successes in any aspect of life and if we desire financial change.

So many people who may wish to take control of their financial future do not have the same mindset and behavior in relationship with what they wished for. There is no harmony between what they wished for and the way they behave and the thoughts they carry in their mind.

There are also, people who have riches but have mindset of lack, they are always having fear that their money will vanish any moment and this fear holds them down. It is this fear of lack that also results in grabbing mentality.

Our school system does not teach us much about money and how to relate with it, but after our studies, our focus is on how to make money with our service and career. Most of us are not achieving the right success not because we are not making effort or working hard but because of our paradigm. It is very important for us to make a change so that we can bring change to our results and outcome.paradigm shift for success: to improve your finances

There is no better time to learn how to make a change for new result than now based on the global changes we currently witness. We cannot continue to operate our business in our usual way and expect a different result.

It is time for a paradigm shift for better success and better financial breakthrough.

What is paradigm shift?

According to Webster dictionary, paradigm shift is “an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way”


Investopedia says that “a paradigm shift is a major change in the concepts and practices of how something works or is accomplished. A paradigm shift can happen within a wide variety of contexts.”

According to business in its articles “The paradigm shifts that will help startups up their game”, it states that Behavior triumphs Attitude. Attitude towards a goal is important. However, attitudes are like words and behaviors are like actions. In which case, actions speak louder that words.

A salesperson’s attitude towards providing excellent business solutions aligns with the way he behaves. When he talks about promises, he should also act to make it real. There is always a need to diligently execute the planned strategies towards achieving better business outcomes.

For example, a good salesperson is always paying attention to the concerns of his customers. To better boost the enhancements of products and services, he is no less expected to incorporate his customer’s needs and long-term goals. By listening closely to the needs of the customers, he will be more able to take actionable strategies rather that spending time promising.


paradigm shift for success. improve your finances

Learning how to have a paradigm shift

“Paradigm is a multitude of ideas fixed in our sub-conscious mind”. Bob Proctor

Paradigm shift requires reformatting our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is our emotional mind which controls the conscious mind and also controls our whole being, body and life behaviors.

Our paradigm is formed by all what we inherited from our parents, our DNA and our belief. It is deeper that what we learn in school which form part of our conscious mind. It controls our creativity, productivity, perception, our ability to earn money, our use of time etc.

The conscious mind is our educated mind which we can use to accept, make choice, reject things. The problem is that this mind is controlled by the subconscious.

For instance, if we make choice based on our conscious mind to be wealthy and happy, but have poverty and lack entrenched in our subconscious mind, and because subconscious mind controls the conscious mind, our behavior will obey the subconscious mind over the conscious mind. So we will just be laboring in vain or living in lack while we have abundance.

So it means that we work hard trying to be wealthy but our belief and behavior is towards the opposite side which is towards lack.

How to have a change

Paradigm does not change it’self, you have to change it. If you wish to start to experience a new life, new result, you must follow these steps;

  • Decide to make a change. I know you are reading this because you are interested in having a different result from what you are getting currently.

The only person who can make the change happen is you. Decide that from today, you want things to be how you desired it to be.

  • Define yourself by choosing who you want to be from now. Who do you want to be from now? You would like to be in control of your finances, and live without fear of lack.

You may want to be in charge of your time and take control of how your whole day should be. Also, you may want to be with loving people and be in relationship that cares. All is possible if you can reformat your paradigm.

  • Dedicate to follow the action through until you get the result you want to see.

Steps to making a paradigm shift

If the result of your financial effort is not showing the required success, it means that you need to change to bring a better result. Doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result is wishful thinking.

Paradigm is stamped belief in our subconscious mind formed over the years. Changing it requires stamping a new belief over a period so that it can control our conscious mind and our whole life.

It is like when you need to change or format your computer hard disk. It requires the process of erasing or deleting the current record in the hard disk and replacing it with the new record. This process takes time if we want to achieve the required positive result.

The old habit has been entrenched over the years, changing it will also require effort and dedication over time. But the beauty of paradigm change is that little change will result in huge and visible result in our successes.


To uproot the old paradigm, the following steps is required according to Bob Proctor who has spent over 60 years teaching on this topic.

  • Analyze the current result you are getting and think about what habit is responsible for the poor result.
  • Write down the behavior responsible for the poor result
  • What is the opposite of the behavior responsible for the poor result. That is, the behavior that will result in the result that you truly want.
  • Write down the behavior for the result you want.
  • Burn the old behavior responsible for the poor result
  • Write and read out in affirmation the new behavior 4 to 5 times daily repeatedly until it is stamped in your sub-conscious mind.


Following the steps above will take some training but it is worth the outcome. Behavior and beliefs formed over the years will not just vanish overnight but with effort we can reprogram our subconscious mind.

Consciously we want to be in control of our time and our finances but our subconscious mind has been stamped to struggle daily to trade our time for money. We need to change our paradigm to be in harmony with what we want. Our subconscious mind should be moving in the same direction with what we want.

Why do you think the way you think? Why do you love the type of food you eat or the language you speak? It is all because of paradigm. It is a very powerful influence over your life.


Let’s consider how Paradigms can appear in your everyday life…Bob Proctor

Have you ever known someone who was painfully shy? Perhaps that’s you – ever wonder how they got that way?

Or perhaps someone who is habitually angry it seems; upset at every turn in life and unable to see the positive in any situation regardless of its presence.

Maybe you know someone who has battled fluctuating weight for years, decades even. They seem to be on track for a while, getting healthy and dropping pounds yet they always seem to bounce back to where they once were.

Well, it’s all controlled by Paradigms, YOUR Paradigms.

And they can even affect your bank account, controlling what you believe you can achieve financially without you even knowing it.

But the key to freeing yourself from these Paradigms, or mental programming, is awareness and understanding of them. Couple that with a little bit of faith and you’re on your way to real and true FREEDOM!

Faith based on understanding is the true key to freedom not blind faith. The first bump in the road it’s gone.

Once your paradigm shifts, you will expose yourself to a brand new world of power, possibility and promise.

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We have been programmed through paradigm stamped over the years that we must go to school and later look for job and start earning money. Most people who have made financial success and have mastered their finances and time do not follow this paradigm of trading time for money.

The way to financial and time control is to have multiple sources of income and to create a large gap between what we earn and what we spend. Focusing on creating more income streams far more that what we spend and investing the difference into income generating assets is the way to have finance and time freedom.

This paradigm shift strategy and steps above can be used to overcome anything you have identified as obstacle to your achieving your full and excellent result in any endeavor in life.

I hope you have received some useful tips that will help you make progress with your desired dream. If you have, kindly share this post with people you love.

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18 responses to “Paradigm Shift for Success: To improve your finances”

  1. Sami Avatar

    Changing is possible, and for most of us desirable.  The basic shifts in our beliefs and how they control our behaviour even when we are unaware is so strong. Often we don’t even know we have the belief to start with.  Knowing how to recognize and call out a specific behaviour from our beliefs is a tremendous asset.  Knowing how to separate these beliefs and disregard the destructive ones that do not take us where we want to be can surely be a challenge.  

    Working with others to help them learn to change can have a real impact on our fellow man and our futures.  Being able to help others is one of the best ways to grow a strong business.  

    Being able to help others become aware that you have learned how to help them is often difficult.  Helping them realize they can change, a bit at a time is a time tested method to assist our fellow business owners.  However, I think that the best way to help others is to lead the way with a successful business yourself.  Thank you for your ideas and for sharing.

    1. Joseph Avatar

      Thanks Sami. It is not easy to make a change especially on persons who are not really aware of what is holding them back.

      In life, we are always developing and allowing our minds to accept superior knowledge that will bring change into our life is the best way to grow.

      Whatever we do not know is bigger than us. It is good to have an open mind to learning.

      I have come to the understanding that nothing is impossible in life.

      Paradigm shift is very possible if we really desire the change.

      Thanks for your contribution.and l am really grateful.


  2. Alicia Avatar

    After reading the inspirational quotes of greatness, I figured if these people can reach in places that they’ve always dreamed about, then I don’t see why I can’t. So I’ve already gained insight of where I’m at and where I want to be, but sometimes I don’t know where to start. Do you have any tips on how I can begin attracting what I want to be successful at?

    1. Joseph Avatar

      Hi Alicia, thanks for your contribution. I am glad you have enjoyed the article on greatness. Nothing is impossible in life, so keep your dreams alive.

      Based on your question, the secret to greatness is service and based on natural law of sowing and reaping, you attract what you give out. Make effort to give what you want to attract and it can be anything you currently have.

      The major tips to attracting what you want to be successful at is to start rendering service with what you currently have and figure out how you can enlarge the scope of service. You may be thinking that what you have to start with is small compared to the greatness you have in mind, but start with what you have and from where you are and great things will come your way.

      1. Alicia Avatar

        Thank you, I really appreciate this advice!

        1. Joseph Avatar

          You are welcome Alicia. I am grateful for your feedback.

  3. Philebur Avatar

    Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful content here with us. I must confess, i really did enjoyed going through your review. I really do find these tips helpful as they might just help to improve ones finance success if they are put into practice. Amazing post, hope to see more from you soon.

    1. Joseph Avatar

      Thanks Philebur for your feedback. I am happy you enjoyed it and have gained something from it. Our paradigm controls who we become. It is very important to be mindful of how it can improve our whole life.

  4. evans Avatar

    hello dear, so thoughtful of you to share such an amazing post on success to your finances,,, a lot of persons indeed to have the opportunity of a good job that pays them huge amount of money, but the inability to manage this fund has been a problem to them… I look forward to sharing this amazing review on my blog so that people could benefit from reading it…
    thanks for sharing, have a great day and stay safe

    1. Joseph Avatar

      Thanks so much Evans for this contribution. Finance is very important for a great life, but there is limited information that can help people manage their relationship with money.

      But unfortunately, our educational system do not teach much on money. Financial knowledge does not depend on income level or educational qualification.

      Please help share with your group.


  5. evansese Avatar

    hello Joseph,

    I must say that you got quite an amazing and fantastic post here on how to have paradigm shifts for Success to improve your finances, as an accountant I must say your field is quite an amazing one and gives you a broad knowledge of how to manage one’s finances…

    thanks for sharing such an informative review… have a great day ahead of you

    1. Joseph Avatar

      Thanks Evansese for dropping a comment. I am really grateful for it. Please kindly share with others, it might also help them.


  6. petergeorge5666 Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this great review here with us,. Like you said we don’t refuse change just that we refuse to change. When change is proposed it’s assume the initiator is not favored by the formal, why those favored by the formal sees change as a naivetive initiative. So When this change finally comes to stay they find it difficult to adapt 

    1. Joseph Avatar

      Hi Peter, I am grateful for your great contribution. It is true that we find it hard to change, but articles like this is very important because it helps us to look at the root cause of the way we behave.

      I was doing a personal research in the past many years ago about NEUROSIS which is a mental and emotional disorder that make us to behave in a particular way which we don’t like but keep doing those things despite the fact that we do not like them. 

      Paradigm shift is a very important and practical way of solving such complex situation that holds so many people back from achieving their full potentials in life.

      Please share and always come back for more great articles.


  7. Tackie Richie Avatar
    Tackie Richie

    Growing up have not been a bed of roses, but  i am so grateful for where i am today and for the person i have become, though i still desire to become a better me and achieve my goals in life and enjoying every moments. I believe absolutely in paradigm shift. changes are very prone to occur in anyone’s life, but most of the prolific changes that occur begins with mind renewal and just the right information to ignite such change. The more informed you become, the greater your chances for a paradigm shift.  

    1. Joseph Avatar

      Thanks Tackie for your comment. I am glad that you are moving on well and also desire to improve in knowledge, that is a great mindset.

      Our paradigm controls our whole being but very little is known about how we can change and shift from long entrenched mindset that we have over time.

      It requires accepting that things are not working well because of our behavior and following the steps for paradigm shift with great determination to bring a positive change.


  8. Thousand Avatar

    Heloo over there, a big thanks to you sharing this insightful article on paradigm shift for success to improve your finance. I really find this post interesting, it’s filled with so much quality and useful content. The truth is these tips are really very helpful and if well adhered to will definitely yield a positive results. Nice write-up. 

    1. Joseph Avatar

      Thanks so much for your inspiring comment. Please share it with others.


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