law of compensation: science of getting rich

The Law of Compensation: The science of getting rich

The law of compensation is so true when we think of natural secrets that result in financial success. It is a science of getting rich and abundance. As a science, it is not subjective and not dependent on what we think.

It is not dependent on whether we accept the law or not. It is as true as the law of gravity.

Riches and money are very controversial subjects that are so important but have little information on how to master them.

Our educational systems are not helping matters also because the required knowledge is lacking and does not depend on academic qualification.

“Money is kind of a base subject. Like water, food, air, and housing, it affects everything yet for some reason the world of academics thinks it’s a subject below their social standing.” .. Robert Kiyosaki



law of compensation: science of getting rich


So many people want to have money but disobey the law of compensation and by doing so end up not getting what they want or end up going against the law and by so doing are punished by the Law.

What is the law of compensation?


The law of compensation states that we get rewarded in direct proportion to the value of the services we render.


You can make this law work in your favor if you are serious about financial success. Money is the reward you get for your productivity. It is the harvest for productivity.


Now ask yourself; are you productive with your life? If you are productive, congratulations, you are on the right part. The next question is what is the value of your productivity?

You are rewarded for the VALUE of your productivity.

So it means that if your reward is poor, then it follows that your value is poor or you are rendering the service in the wrong place or to the wrong people.

Steps to Creating Value and Rich Reward.

Find a need.

The first step to financial success is to find a need to fill. Needs are waiting for a solution in every corner of the globe and every endeavor. The task is to find the need


Fill the need.

After you have identified the need, the next step is to fill the need with your skill or you fill the need with the skill and support of others.


Focus on creating more value for more people

Now that you have identified a need and have a solution for it, what is the result and reward you are getting? if the result and reward are satisfactory, then you have fulfillment but if not, ask yourself; What is the way to improve the satisfaction of the need.

Learn how to add more value to the service and products you render.



This is the feeling of satisfaction we get after achieving our desired and set goal. This happens when the compensation you get for your skills and services is satisfactory and results in satisfaction for many people.

As you have seen the steps to achieving compensation for your skill and service, there are also stages and strategies to achieving the compensation that leads to great financial success. You can be putting your best effort into the wrong strategy that does not bring the right compensation you desire and deserve.

law of compensation: science of getting rich

Strategies for getting Rich Reward from Compensation

Different strategies result in different levels of compensation we get from the skills and services we render. This is the determinant of what we get from our efforts as compensation.

The compensation can be a good, great, and rich reward.

Level 1-Good Compensation – Trade your time for money

So many people in the world are in this compensation type. Over 96% of the world population is in this category of compensation. So many people here are not satisfied with the reward they are getting for their skill and services they render.

They trade their time for money and if they do not work, they will not get paid. Some persons receive fat payment while so many are not satisfied with their compensation.

The reward is limited because we have limited time to trade. We have only 24 hours in a day but cannot trade all for money because we have to rest and sleep. We cannot work for 24 hours in a day.

The number of years we have to render our service and skill is also limited. We have about 70 years or fewer to work or trade for money if we are lucky enough before retirement and afterward begin to receive a certain percentage of the compensation as a pension.


But if the full payment is not great, a percentage of the compensation will also not be good enough.

What should they do about it?

The solution is not to look for another place to trade their skill for money, this can only be a temporary solution. The permanent solution is to look for a way to move on to a higher strategy of compensation starting from their current position.

Level 2-Great Compensation – Trade money for money

This is the reward you get by trading money for money in the form of investment and getting compensation for it. This type of compensation is higher than just trading time for money. It is the ability to use your money to earn more money.


This compensation requires that you have to raise the capital to invest which can be achieved by setting some money apart from the active income and investing it.


When you make an effort to widen the gap between what you earn and what you spend, you can save some capital to invest.


This is a very good step to improving your financial compensation.

You learn the arts of investment by doing and improving on your success. Some investments will succeed and some will not.


You will fail and learn that success comes from the different failures you have come to learn from.


It is good to strive to be in this strategy of compensation if you are still in level one. And if you are currently at this level, you need to make an effort to be in level 3.


Level 3-Rich Compensation – Build multiple systems for income.

The highest and greatest compensation that brings riches is to create multiple systems that multiply your time in automated systems that generate compensation to you even when you are sleeping and in different locations.


Everyone in history who has achieved great financial success and riches has different systems that generate different compensation for them even when they are fishing in the Maldives or shopping in Madrid.


There are so many ways of creating systems that generate compensation. Starting an online business is a way of doing that even when you are still in level 1 in a full-time job.


You can become an affiliate marketer and create a system after doing the initial work of setting up your online website or whatever channel you chose for marketing either YouTube, email, Facebook, etc.


You can learn all you need to know here. Start immediately.


You can become a writer and let people know about your skill and about that recipe. You can write and publish on Amazon without having to spend any money.


Robert Kiyosaki earns over $500,000 from just one book Rich Dad Poor Dad every year in royalty.


That idea you have might be the next bestseller, if you do not try, there is no way you will know what will sell.

You can become a language teacher online or a coach in your field and create a course on it and make an additional stream of income.


Login in Here to Learn from Bob Proctor on practical and professional step by step guide to the science of Getting Rich


Create automated businesses and diversify your compensation. Start a network marketing business. Invest in real estate and other passive income yielding opportunities. This is a way to multiply your time and it will multiply your reward.


The science of getting rich is adding value to many by creating multiple compensations or income streams.


If you have a business or investments already, share your success experience in form of a book. Write your book that will be a guide to others. Start other businesses, you can do it.

“I explain the law of compensation like this: ‘Returns are minimal despite the massive effort at the start, yet returns can be massive with minimal effort over time.”. Robert Kiyosaki


I hope you have gained from this article, take action, stop expecting different results from the same action. You need to change to bring change in your situation.

Kindly leave your comment below let’s discuss on what you think about the subject.

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6 responses to “The Law of Compensation: The science of getting rich”

  1. Oscar Avatar

    Heloo there, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and educating piece on the law of compensation , the science of getting rich.. i basically never knew what the law of compensation means.. “The law of compensation states that we get rewarded in direct proportion to the value of the services we render”. That could really work for our good. Anyways now i have a good understanding of the law of compensation, i am definitely going to work by it. 

    1. Joseph Avatar

      Thanks, Oscar for leaving a comment. The law of compensation is very powerful to our fulfillment in life. It works like the law of sowing and reaping. Most often, we receive less compensation or less reward than our productivity.

      When we get less reward than we should, it means that the quality of our service or productivity needs to improve in value or the environment of the service needs to change. We can all improve the reward we get by focusing on the value we render and strive to create different channels of multiplying our service to reach as many people as possible.

      I appreciate your contribution. Please always come back for more ideas for a booming life.


  2. loveremma Avatar

    i love your content because it is courageous and i made me stand out to be who am supposed to be not living a fake life that does not even fit me.

    these your content is one of a kind for it has just put joy on my heart and smile to the people around my life would have been a stupid one if not for these .

    thanks a lot for swinging it my way i appreciate kudos to you for your counsel content i still remain thankful to you thanks a lot.

    1. Joseph Avatar

      Thanks, Loveremma for these words of encouragement. I am very glad to hear that you have derived some benefits from the article.

      Please share with someone and do come back always for more content that will help our mindset and also motivate us to maximize our potentials.

      Cheers for now.

  3. Ikhaiduwor godwin Avatar
    Ikhaiduwor godwin

    Very nice

    1. Joseph Avatar

      Thanks, Godwin for leaving a comment and appreciating the post. If we focus on this law of compensation, it will always help us to examine our finances. We will ask ourselves the question, am I satisfied and fulfilled with the compensation I am getting? Can I improve the value of the service I am being paid for? Can I change or expand the people I am serving with my skill?

      It is this law of compensation that makes people in the same company do get paid differently; some $10 per hour and some $100 per hour, it is the value attached to the service they render in that particular organization.

      To bring a change, we have to change.

      Please always check back for more ideas for a booming life.


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