tips to help you sleep well at night

Tips To Help You Sleep Well At Night

tips to help you sleep well at night


Having a good night’s rest at the end of the day is very vital to your health and well being. Good sleep is not only very important for your health but also for your productivity. These tips to help you sleep well at night will be of great help if you adhered to it.


Check which of the tips below best fits your condition and observe the recommendation.


1. Create A Stick To A Sleep Schedule


Many of us love getting a few hours of ‘extra’ sleep, especially during weekends and public holidays. Doing so only disrupts your circadian rhythm, one of the reasons you’ll be disoriented on Monday’s or the next day when you have to go to work early. This is one of the reasons sleep experts recommend creating a sleep schedule and sticking to it, regardless of the day. This helps keep your circadian rhythm in check, hence easier to fall asleep and wake up feeling rested.



2. Exercise Everyday



Body exercise helps use up any energy stored in body cells in the form of fats. It also improves blood circulation and the removal of toxic compounds from the blood and cells. Working out every day, and especially in the morning also helps boost adrenalin levels in the blood. This not only improves your alertness during the day but also enables the body to calm down and drift to sleep at night.



3. Limit Your Nicotine, Alcohol, And Caffeine Intake



These compounds are known to stimulate increased heart rate and blood pressure. This results in increased alertness which could affect your ability to sleep. That said, it would be advisable to cut down on these, or simply take your coffee in the morning hours and never in the afternoon.



4. Have A Winding Down Ritual



This can be anything from meditating, reading, taking a warm bath, or even having a cup of warm milk. Adding a lavender scent to your bedroom can also help stimulate a sense of relaxation, thus make it easier to drift to sleep. Make it a habit of taking on these restful activities an hour or so towards your bedtime. Your body will start interpreting this as a time to unwind and go to sleep.



5. Keep Temperatures In The Bedroom A Bit Lower



Setting the temperature in your bedroom 5 degrees lower creates a favorable environment for sleep. Average room temperatures or even higher could make it uncomfortable under the blankets and disrupt your sleep. Try to lower the temperature here to help the body cool off and drift to sleep.



6. Ensure Your Bed is Comfortable and Supportive



How long have you had your mattress? It might be a key factor between you and a great night’s sleep. Take a look at these Dreamcloud mattress reviews and consider an upgrade.



tips to help you sleep well at night

7. Get Some Sunshine In The Morning



The early morning sunshine is good for your health and overall well being. For starters, it helps reset your internal clock while providing you with vitamin D. Make it a habit of drawing the curtains to let the light in the morning when you wake up. You could have the curtains and drapes open automatically if motorized.


8. Limit Light In The Bedroom



Too much light in the bedroom will only make it hard to fall asleep. It would, therefore, be advisable to turn off all lights in the bedroom when trying to sleep. Keep your phone screen down and on silent mode when in the bedroom too. Any other electronics should be turned off and also invest in blackout curtains to keep external light out.



9. Avoid Using Your Phone Or Laptop An Hour To Bedtime



These devices (TVs included) emit blue light which could be disruptive if looking to get some sleep in a few minutes. Limiting your exposure to the same a few hours to bedtime could increase your chances of falling asleep faster. Pick up other habits, including reading a book or listening to music instead of scrolling social media or working on your laptop.



I hope that you have benefited from the above tips and it will help you to begin to enjoy your sleep at night so that you can wake up fresh to face the next day with vigor.

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